Oklahoma legalizes medical marijuana
11-year-old Alexis Bortell taking cannabanoid oil, a form of medical marijuana, in her home (image via screengrab).

Red-state Oklahoma has joined the list of states that voted to legalize medical marijuana.

Despite an exhaustive effort by the opposition claiming it would lead to teens in dorm rooms growing 12 plants to sell, the conservative state voted to allow those with illnesses to smoke their weed in peace.

With 74 percent reporting, 56 percent of Oklahomans voted to legalize to 44 percent who voted against, according to News9 election returns.

“Almost all of us know someone who is suffering from cancer, PTSD, seizures, or one of the dozens of medical conditions and illnesses that medical cannabis is proven to be effective in treating,” said Bud Scott, the Executive Director of New Health Solutions Oklahoma, Inc.. “This vote was a victory for them. I am proud and honored to have worked alongside thousands of Oklahomans who pushed for this change.”

“The will of the people is clear: they want Oklahomans to have access to this medical product,” Scott also said. “For that to happen, we need an orderly and fairly regulated marketplace with responsible rules and regulations consistent with the spirit of SQ 788. The medical cannabis industry is ready to work together with lawmakers, regulatory agencies, and the medical community at-large to develop those rules and regulations in a timely manner.”