Outgoing Minnesota GOP chairwoman claims she was subjected to slurs of 'dragon lady and ch*nk' from party officials and execs
Jennifer Carnahan [Photo: screenshot]

Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman, Jennifer Carnahan, blasted her Republican colleagues on Facebook for calling her a “dragon lady,” and other racist slurs, reports the Star Tribune.

Carnahan is from South Korea and was adopted by her parents in Minnesota. She posted to her personal Facebook page on Friday that she has experienced racism and discrimination while serving in her term.

She listed out multiple occasions where people insulted her.

“Some (sadly) Republican Party leaders/executive committee members around this state have made racist comments, about me, and to me — calling me ‘dragon lady, a ch*nk, a stupid Asian not even born in America’ and other awful racial slurs," she wrote.

She also said that while attending a rally for President Donald Trump, one of his supporters called her "disgusting."

She also received hatful emails that said said she is "not worth a penny" and should  "crawl back into a hole and stay there." It also said that she deserves to make less money than her male predecessors.

Her hope is that the party will finally learn how to work together. "I’m trying to bring a positive voice to the party and show the importance of working together and being positive,” Carnahan said.

Carnahan's terns will end next year.