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Paris puts final touches to Eiffel Tower anti-terror walls



Paris is set to unveil thick bulletproof glass walls and metal fences around the Eiffel Tower, designed to protect France’s most famous monument from terrorist attacks.

The boosted security measures, under construction since last year, come with France still on high alert after a string of jihadist attacks that have killed more than 240 people since 2015.


The new walls, shown to journalists during a site tour on Thursday, are part of security measures that have cost nearly 35 million euros ($40.7 million) and are due to be finished by mid-July.

Glass walls measuring 6.5 centimetres (2.5 inches) thick will run along the riverside Quai Branly boulevard as well as the Avenue Gustave Eiffel which separates the tower from a park.

The walls, which are bulletproof as well as resistant to vehicle-ramming attacks, are “rock-solid for absolute security”, said Bernard Gaudillere, head of the SETE, the company which runs the Eiffel Tower.

The other two sides will be fenced off with metal barriers formed from curved prongs in the form of the tower itself and at 3.24 metres high, stand exactly a hundredth of the height of the “Iron Lady”.

Gaudillere said his team worked with police to decide how best to secure a monument which has itself repeatedly switched off its twinkling night-time lights in memory of the victims of attacks around the world.


– ‘Dangerous times’ –

Tourists visiting the site Thursday said they felt reassured by the new measures, still mindful of the horrific Islamic State attacks of November 2015 in which 130 people were killed at Paris nightspots.

“We live in a dangerous time. I think it’s a great idea — when I see this I feel more safe,” said Edyta Poncyljusz, visiting from Warsaw.


David Luke, from the US state of Utah, noted with dismay that tourists are no longer free to walk under the tower as was the case last time he visited four years ago.

“But I think it’s a good idea,” he said of the security walls.


“It’s inconvenient and a little annoying, but we’re used to security measures in the US — going through metal detectors just for a basketball game.”

Like other French tourist sites, the tower is regularly patrolled by anti-terror troops, and the forecourt underneath the iron structure has been fenced off over terrorism fears since June 2016.

AFP / Philippe LOPEZThe work at the Eiffel Tower does not appear to have dented visitor numbers, which are still expected to reach up to seven million in 2018

Gaudillere acknowledged that the temporary fences were “not very aesthetically pleasing”, giving the monument the look of a building site, but promised the end result would be “infinitely nicer and more romantic”.


He said the building work does not appear to have dented visitor numbers, which are still expected to reach up to seven million in 2018.

Tourists will still be able to access the gardens and the forecourt underneath the tower for free once passing through the security fences, he said.

The walls are part of a 300-million-euro revamp of the Eiffel Tower, with most of the work due to be completed ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

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‘The mess right in front of us’: Impeachment hearings reveal as much about dishonest congressional GOPers as Trump



If the point of Wednesday's public testimony opening impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump were meant to show off credible accounts from straight-laced, super-patriotic, service-oriented diplomats, they were bulls-eyes.

If the point of Republican questionings was to make a mockery of the proceedings, they may have boomeranged—the Republicans are the ones who come across as partisan nitpickers intentionally trying to misdirect the point, underlying meaning and urgency of these proceedings.

If the overall tone, as Democratic leaders insist, was supposed to reflect somber, serious, sober consideration, well, they did that and more. Indeed, they made it downright scary to learn that Donald Trump and his team are running around in ways that show little respect for other nations, no understanding of diplomacy and no ability to actually handle appropriate communications within his team.

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‘A real ugly turning point’: Ex-DOJ official predicts Republicans will ‘try to blow it all up’ after their defense strategy tanked



MSNBC’s Matthew Miller, a former Justice Department spokesperson, offered an ominous prediction on Wednesday about Republicans’ strategy going forward after the first day of the public impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump.

Speaking on “Deadline: White House,” he observed that the day had been a bad one for the GOP.

“This is in a lot of ways, the day that all of the Republican defenses died,” Miller said.

He continued: “Today will mark a real ugly turning point in how the Republicans approach this going forward. They’re gonna realize they can’t have another day like today. They can’t have a hearing Friday that goes like today’s, they can’t have hearings next week that go like today’s. The president gets television very much — he’s going to know how bad this went today. And I suspect at the next hearing, we will see some increasingly desperate and very ugly tactics from Nunes and the rest of them. Maybe naming the whistleblower. Increased, stepped-up attacks on the civil servants who are coming forward.”

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Republicans have ‘very little ground to stand on’ to attack Taylor and Kent: Ex-FBI deputy director



On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe broke down why it was all but impossible for Republicans to attack the credibility of diplomats William Taylor and George Kent during their impeachment testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

"They have very little ground to stand on to attack these gentlemen," said McCabe. "Particularly in the case of Taylor, he is backed up assiduously by a contemporaneous record. He's got his handwritten notes and he's got the texts messages that he sent the time. So when he tells you, I was shocked by what I heard on the phone call, you know that's true because at the time, he sent a contemporaneous text."

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