'We are the party of Donald J. Trump': Republican who beat Mark Sanford proclaims a new era of the GOP
Katie Arrington (Photo: Screen capture/Twitter)

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) faltered in the primary election for his reelection Tuesday. The move came just hours after a late endorsement from President Donald Trump for Sanford's opponent.

In her address to supporters, Katie Arrington proclaimed, We are the party of Donald J. Trump," tweeted Bloomberg reporter Greg Giroux. "Like I said in the beginning it isn't a me, it is a we moment."

In an earlier speech to supporters, Arrington said, " It’s the year of the woman. It’s the year of Trump. Let’s send someone who is going to go to Washington and be supportive of what we, in South Carolina, want – a Conservative agenda.”

You can see one of the videos below: