In April, seven inmates lost their lives when a riot broke out at the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina.

Now, two inmates who are suing the S.C. Department of Corrections describe their harrowing ordeal in a lawsuit filed Monday, reports the State.

The inmates, Derrick Stalk and Jabriel Singleton, were allegedly in a common area when they were attacked by a group of prisoners. They fought them off and managed to escape, struggling to get to a safe space inside prison grounds.

They tried to make their way into a fenced area, but the door was locked. They were attacked again and stabbed multiple times, according to the lawsuit obtained by The State.  They then tried to scale the fence; one of them made it but the other didn't. Stalk got his foot caught in the wire and other prisoners stabbed him as he dangled with his leg caught in razor wire.

When he fell he broke his leg, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims a wide range of misdeeds by prison guards, from taking bribes to neglecting to provide Stalk and Singleton with prompt medical attention.