'Queer Eye' star met with Mike Pence's wife at the White House — and one of his castmates 'freaked out'
The cast of "Queer Eye" discusses a White House visit by Karamo Brown (front row, on the right) with Vulture. Image via screengrab.

One cast member of Netflix's popular Queer Eye show went to the White House to discuss arts funding with Second Lady Karen Pence — but one of his castmates couldn't resist the urge to allude to her husband's homophobia.

"It was phenomenal to be able to go in there and discuss arts," Queer Eye star Karamo Brown told Vulture in a joint interview with the cast, "but also to speak about LGBT issues."

Brown said that even if an individual takes issues with his sexuality or lifestyle, queer icons like he and his castmates owe it to their community to have dialogue with people who have different viewpoints. But as he was speaking about the experience, fellow Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness interrupted him to make fun of the Pences.

"They’re our biggest fans,” Van Ness joked. “They watch it every night. Her and Dad like to watch it every night in their modesty outfits. And they watch it completely separate because it is improper to look at each other face-to-face while you’re watching gay men."

"There’s something about the Pences, honey. I just freak out," he added before telling Brown, "she doesn’t like you, gurl."

"She don’t like us!" he added.

In response, Brown said that although they didn't discuss it, "some of her staffers said she enjoys the show."

"While I know Karen Pence supports the arts, my question for her staffers was, ‘Does she support the arts for everyone?’ And hearing ‘yes’ — without any malice or judgment — gave me a glimmer of hope in a time where this country feels so divided,” Brown told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview shortly after his April visit to the White House. “If we can find common ground in the arts, what else can we find common ground on that would make us grow closer as a country?”

Watch the cast interview with Vulture below: