Rachel Maddow baffled by German embassy official under Trump who doesn't know what D-Day is
Rachel Maddow [ Photo: screen grab]

Rachel Maddow opened her show talking about D-Day on Wednesday.

"Today is D-Day, the date on which 160,000 allied troops threw themselves into the surf and climbed the cliffs off the beaches to beat the Nazis back in France to give the U.S. and allied forces a toehold in Normandy. On this day alone, more than 9,000 allied troops died fighting against the Germans. But of course you know that," Maddow said.

Maddow said anybody who knew the slightest about American history would know the significance of D-Day.

"If you know anything about American military history, you know about World War II. If you know anything about World War II, you know about D-Day, about that heroic, epic, impossible, massive effort, where tens of thousands of Americans put their lives on the line in unimaginable conditions where thousands died," she said.

Maddow was baffled at the new U.S Ambassador in Germany spokespersons, Heather Nauert, for not knowing the history of D-Day. Nauert said D-Day symbolized the US great relationship with Germany.

"D-Day was us attacking Germany!" Maddow said. "If you're the spokesperson for the United States state department, on the D-Day anniversary, this is --this is our lives now under the Trump administration."

Watch Maddow slam Nauert below: