Reporter gasps after Melania whitewashes Trump's child camps: 'That briefing was like everything's fine'
Jackie Kucinich speaks about Melania Trump's visit to a child center in Texas (CNN/scree grab)

A CNN panel on Thursday suggested that First Lady Melania Trump's visit to a center housing child immigrants was meant to whitewash President Donald Trump's policy of separating parents and children.

A day after the president signed an executive order ending child separations for future immigrant cases, Melania Trump made an unexpected visit to a child "home" run by a private contractor in Texas. During the visit, employees of the facility made clear that most of the children in the facility had entered the U.S. unaccompanied and were not the children who had been taken from their parents.

Following Melania Trump's discussion with the private contractor, The Daily Beast's Jackie Kucinich appeared taken aback by the deception.

Kucinich noted that the children visited by the first lady "are not the children that were taken from their parents."

"They are children that have come unaccompanied across the border," she explained. "Yes, it's important that she's taking the press through. It's important that she's drawing attention to this."

"That said," Kucinich continued, "that briefing was a little bit like, 'Everything's fine. The kids come in here, they're a little upset and then they relax.' I think is what one of the officials there [said]. We have read accounts that that is not the case with these young children who come in and do not calm down, are catatonic. There could be permanent damage from what has already occurred to them."

"Forgive me for looking at this with a little bit of a skeptical eye," she said, struggling to find words.

CNN host Dana Bash also pointed out that the facility visited by Melania Trump is not one of the so-called tender age detention centers, which house toddlers and infants.

"This was a handpicked place by the American government to give a certain impression," CNN correspondent Nia-Malika Henderson observed. "We don't know what these facilities are like. They are all over the countries. There are some in New York, there are some in Michigan... That's what this highlighted to me, again, how little we know and how selective the government has been in giving access."

Watch the video below from CNN.