Retired general: Americans should feel 'ashamed' by 'embarrassment' of Trump's attacks on Canada
Michael Hayden (MSNBC)

Ret. Gen. Michael Hayden on Monday stomped on President Donald Trump's treatment of one of America's closest allies.

Reacting to Trump's attacks on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the weekend, Hayden said that Canada has regularly stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States as an economic and military ally -- which is something that Trump now seems to be taking for granted.

"It was rare for me to go to a war zone to meet with my own folks without meeting Canadians who were thoroughly integrated," he said, and then noted that American and Canadian intelligence services "don't just cooperate, we're by and large integrated because we have common values and common legal systems and common strategic objectives."

Hayden went on to slam Trump's treatment of Canada as humiliating for the United States.

"Back to embarrassment, we ought to feel a little bit ashamed for treating such a good friend the way they were treated yesterday from very high levels in our government," Hayden said.

Watch the video below.