Rick Wilson: GOPers 'write daily erotic fanfic about Trump's executive power' but are silent on splitting families
Republican strategist and commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist Rick Wilson on Sunday lashed out at conservatives who fantasize about President Donald Trump's executive power while staying silent on his ability to end a policy that separates asylum-seekers from their children.

"The cheering section in the 'conservative' media that has been screeching with joy over Trump's executive orders, his unlimited pardon power, steamrolling the rule of law, etc ad nauseam is STRANGELY silent on why he doesn't just change the family separation policy by diktat," Wilson wrote on Twitter.

He, then, fired off a second scorching tweet.

"These people are essentially writing daily erotic fanfic about Trump's executive power and are mute on this one," Wilson raged. "It's almost -- ALMOST -- as if they're a bunch of tendentious doucheholes taking pleasure in the misery and trauma the policy causes."