Russian media calls Singapore a 'victory' for Kim -- and warns Trump is at risk of 'being manipulated'
President Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Some of Russia's top newspapers this week hailed the Singapore summit between North Korea and the United States as a major victory -- for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Steve Rosenberg, the BBC's Moscow correspondent, reports that coverage in Russian papers has claimed that Kim got the upper hand in his first round of negotiations with President Donald Trump, as the North Korean dictator "got something and gave almost nothing in return."

A Russian foreign policy analyst quoted by another paper, meanwhile, says that the "positive results for the White House are less obvious" than the results Kim has achieved so far.

Furthermore, this expert went on to say that Trump's belief that he achieved something historic with the summit "strengthens his self-confidence and his exaggerated belief that he is an outstanding negotiator."

The expert then claimed that this exaggerated sense of self worth, combined with Trump's unwillingness to heed the advice of experts, leaves Trump vulnerable to "being manipulated by his negotiating partners."

The result, claims the expert, is that "a little bit of flattery" from the Koreans will result in a deal where Kim gets all the concessions while America is left with nothing but "pretty words."

Watch Rosenberg's translation of the newspapers below.