Seth Meyer mocks ‘wacky’ Trump for walking around like he has a ‘Lego up his butt and can't get it out'
Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

Late Night host Seth Meyers slammed President Donald Trump for acting like a stand up comedian instead of the president during his rally in Nevada on Saturday.

While on the road to support GOP candidates, President Trump rarely speaks about the actual candidate.

"He talks about everything but the candidate," Meyers said. President Trump said he was having a "good time" on the road.

Meyers said that good time does not equal doing the job right. "You might be having a good time when you are riffing in front of a crowd like a standup, but when you're actually doing the job as president you look like a guy who just stuck a Lego up his butt, and realized he can't get it out."

He then mocked President Trump for coming up with nicknames for the opposing candidates. He called the Democratic congressional candidate Jacky Rosen, "Wacky Jacky."

"You don't get to call anybody wacky. Out of all the politicians, you are far the most wackiest. You hugged a flag, you touched a glowing orb, you pretended to drive a fire truck," Meyers said. "You should live at 1602 Pennsylvania Ave, and be the White House's wacky neighbor."

Watch below.