Seth Meyers mocks Trump for comparing himself to a 'fictional president' who he thinks served '16-years'
Seth Meyers [ Photo: Screen grab from video]

Late Night host Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump for creating a "fictional president" who served for 16 years during his show on Thursday.

Meyers said that President Trump is looking for new ways to gain voters and wants to make himself look like he is actually accomplishing something.

"Trump is desperate for a win, so as usual he just makes stuff up. Trump started repeating a line that he cut more regulations that any president," Meyers said. "Including a fictional president who served 16 years."

Meyers suggested that President Trump may be referring to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt, was elected for a fourth term, but only served one-year into his last term because he passed away.

"We think he is referring to FDR, who only served 12 years. But no one has corrected him because he keeps saying it, like he did for the third time this week," Meyers said.

"How has no one corrected him yet? That is the scary thing about Trump, even when he is wrong, no one tells him," Meyers said.

Watch below.