Seth Meyers mocks Trump for forgetting Justice Kennedy's name: 'No wonder he puts his name on buildings'
Seth Meyers [Photo: screenshot from video]

Late Night host Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump for forgetting Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's name.

On Wednesday, Kennedy, 81, announced his retirement. During a press conference in the oval office, President Trump confirmed the news to reporters.

“I have great respect for … Justice Anthony — you know who I’m talking about — Justice Kennedy," President Trump said as he stumbled over Kennedy's name.

"He definitely forgot Kennedy's last name for a second." Meyers said. "How do you forget the name Kennedy? It's one the most famous names in American history."

"Is that why Trump puts his name on all of his buildings, so he won't forget it? Meyers said. "My name is Donald ... Donald ... Tower."

Watch below.