Shep Smith gives Fox News viewers a chilling dose of truth: America is caging children in the desert
Shepard Smith. (Fox News/Screenshot)

On Monday, Fox News host Shepard Smith returned from vacation to traumatizing stories about kids ripped from their parents at the border.

Like much of the rest of the world, Smith apparently spent last week horrified by images from the US southwest, where the administration's zero tolerance policy towards migrants has resulted in an estimated 2,300 children being separated from their families and placed in federal custody.

Last week, in response to nearly uniform condemnation from around the world, President Donald Trump signed an executive order reportedly designed to end the forcible separation of kids and their parents, including very young children.

Smith did not mince words voicing his outrage.

"A reminder just as a matter of fact here the United State government, at this moment, is holding young children as young as infants, we're told, alone, separate from their parents, in conditions about which we have no information," he went on. "In places in which we have no access, and from which no pictures have been shown to the public."

Although reporters have been allowed access to some facilities others remain closed to the media, and it's not entirely clear why.