‘Shouting questions at dictators is what I like to do’: CNN's Jim Acosta explains the backlash he’s receiving from Trump supporters
Jim Acosta (CNN/screen grab)

The chief White House correspondent for CNN recounted his experiences being attacked by President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Jim Acosta was introduced to a video clip of Donald Trump supporters chanting, "Go home Jim" at a rally in Las Vegas.

"You wrote a great piece about this," noted CNN anchor Erica Hill.

"There was that lady there that famously told me to get the f*ck out of that auditorium, nice elderly woman that was not happy that I was there," he recalled. "I simply told her, and a told a lot of the folks that, we're reporters, we're going to do our jobs, we're not going to be shouted out of an auditorium by an angry mob and that's because we have these rights protected under the Constitution of freedom of the press."

"It's not easy being Jim Acosta," noted John Berman. "It never has been easy being Jim Acosta."

The White House reporter also explained his conclusion on the sincerity of President Trump's attacks on the press.

"My view is the president when he goes after the press that it's an act, he used this as a device and wedge in this culture war to try to maintain dominance in the United States," Acosta concluded.

"You got kids coming across the border being put in cages and ripped away from their parents, don't you expect me to ask questions about that?" Acosta asked.

He also refused to apologize for asking questions of Kim Jong-Un.

"You know what? I don't regret that at all, shouting questions at dictators is what I like to do," he explained.

"One of the few professions actually protected specifically within the constitution," Berman noted. "Nothing more American than being a good reporter."