'Sick of the lying': CNN's Tapper wrecks GOP pundit for claiming media ignored targeting of journalists under Obama
Jake Tapper, the CNN anchor of 'The Lead'

CNN's Jake Tapper on Friday took a conservative pundit to task on Twitter for claiming a false double standard in the way media reports on journalist intimidation tactics undertaken by the Obama and Trump administrations.

Citing a New York Times report on Trump's Justice Department seizing phone and email records belonging to one of their journalists, conservative radio host Buck Sexton tweeted that "when Obama did this, the press was willing to overlook it."

"They made it ok for Obama because he was so perfect," the pundit and former CIA agent continued. "Press won’t overlook it now, but guess what: too late."

Citing Sexton's tweet, Tapper posted a series of links from the Obama years in which he and CNN reported on and investigated Obama's surveillance of journalists.

"So sick of the lying," the CNN host tweeted.

During Barack Obama's administration, as the Times noted in their report and Tapper included in his tweetstorm, the Justice Department investigated Fox News correspondent James Rosen for his role in "leaks" related to national security.

"Just how icy is the relationship between the Obama administration and journalists?" a Tapper report from 2013 read.