Southern Baptist seminary president said it was 'good' student was raped and tried to 'break her down' in investigation: report
Fired Southern Baptist Paige Patterson/Screenshot

Explosive new allegations have been made about Paige Patterson, who was the president of a Texas Southern Baptist until being fired this week.

Patterson said that it was "a good thing" that a student was raped by another student and sought to get the survivor alone to “break her down," according to the woman’s attorney as reported in the Star-Telegram.

“I am told he said it was a ‘good thing’ my client had been raped and that her future husband wouldn't care if she was a virgin or not,” the woman's lawyer told the Star-Telegram. “He threatened to sic lawyers on her [mother] for questioning his leadership at the school when she asked why the assailant was allowed on campus.”

The report also details allegations involving Patterson's apparent argument that abused women should stay with their abusers going back almost 20 years.

Watch a video with interviews from the survivors below.