'There's a f*cking culture war!' Actor Billy Eichner explodes on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher
Billy Eichner on real Time with Bill Maher/Screenshot

Have we reached the point where conservatives of conscience have to join with liberals to actively oppose Donald Trump? Bill Maher took up the issue on Friday night, with the backdrop of the president's recent decision to pry infants from their undocumented immigrant mother's arms.

Actor Billy Eichner did not mince words.

"There's a f*cking culture war!" he said. "When you're dealing with someone like Trump who is ripping infants from their parents, from their mothers, this is a battle of good versus evil—and I don't think it's oversimplifying it."

Maher then pivoted to question Margaret Hoover, a Republican commentator who has been critical of Trump and social conservatism.

Given what Republicans like Trump are doing, do conservatives of conscience need to actually support Democrats rather than throwing their vote away like Mitt Romney or John Kasich did?

"Don't you have to vote for the Democrat?" he asked. "You can't do that bullsh*t anymore, you need to actually vote for the Democrat."

"Yes!" she said.

"I had to get that confession out of you, with a rubber hose and a light," Maher said.

Watch below.

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