Tom Arnold lambastes ex-wife Roseanne in MSNBC interview: She's 'full-on with the Nazis and the racists'
Tom Arnold on MSNBC/Screenshot

Tom Arnold appeared on MSNBC with Nicolle Wallace on Friday afternoon to talk about his old friend Donald Trump and Arnold's ex wife, Roseanne Barr.

He didn't spare either.

"He's obviously a racist and he has racist people around him and he is cruel and he lies and just the trauma that he's putting on all of America every day," Arnold said of Trump. "He's just changing everything about who—what we are as a country and it is so unsafe, what America represents."

Arnold then explained that Trump could never have won a city council seat in New York, where people knew he was both incompetent and a fake businessman whose efforts have underperformed index funds during his career. He's been divorced from Roseanne for 24 years, so he can't really speak to what happened to his ex.

"Roseanne is full-on with the Nazis and with the racist and—just crazy, crazy, crazy. I don't know how you get in there," he said.

Watch below.