Tomi Lahren and Judge Pirro go off the deep end when Dem radio host quotes Bible about 'doing unto others'
Tomi Lahren Jeanie Pirro and Chris Hahn (Photo: Screen capture)

During a Saturday Fox News appearance, right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren got flattened by a lawyer who actually knew something about immigration law.

Radio show host and Fox commentator Chris Hahn explained to Lahren that it isn't illegal when someone is seeking asylum. While not every person coming to the border is formally filing for asylum, doing is means that crossing the border is not a criminal act.

"The president is treating people who are sneak under a fence the same as people coming to a door, Tomi. And that's not right!" he said.

Lahren brought up "compassion" and noted she believes in compassion as a Christian, but she believes in compassion for American citizens and legal immigrants, but evidently not anyone else. During President George W. Bush's Republican administration, her side of the aisle would frequently tout "compassionate conservatism."

"Tomi, God said what you do unto the least of them you do unto Christ, It's an abomination," he said.

That's when former appointed judge Jeanine Pirro lost her cool with Hahn.

"Every time a judge sentences a parent to jail, is that an abomination? Are people not responsible for their own actions and behavior?" she shouted.

The panel discussion went off the rails from there.

Watch the insanity below: