'Trails of money everywhere': CNN panel says the Trump Foundation lawsuit will set off a scandal avalanche
A CNN panel discusses President Donald Trump's finances (Screen cap).

The legal woes surrounding President Donald Trump and his family may be about to get a lot worse.

During a CNN panel discussion on the New York Attorney General's Office lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, former federal prosecutor Seth Waxman said that the Trump family could soon face real legal jeopardy, despite the fact that the AG's action is only a civil lawsuit.

"As I've understood it, there have been referrals made to the Federal Election Commission and the IRS," he said. "When Donald Trump the president signed this tax form that's associated with charitable foundations, he signed it and said all the money being brought in will be used for charitable purposes. If he lied, that is a federal crime."

Reporter April Ryan, meanwhile, predicted that we are about to see a flood of new information about the Trump family's finances -- and none of it will look good for the president.

"There are trails of money everywhere that's pointing to the family," she said. "It just screams to me -- all of this is about money from a charity that's gone to different places that weren't supposed to happen. Then you have what's happening over here with Mueller. They're pulling records and pulling computers trying to find out the trail of money, because that all leads to whatever the end case is."

Watch the video below.