Trump accuses John McCain of 'grandstanding' with Obamacare vote
Sen. John McCain (R), Donald Trump -- AFP/Gage Skidmore via Flickr

President Donald Trump held a rally in South Carolina on Monday. During his speech he spoke poorly, yet again, of Arizona Senator John McCain.

While talking about health care he indirectly spoke of  McCain without saying his name and accused him of  "grandstanding."

"We can lower your taxes, which we did. We gave you the greatest tax cut in the history of our country. All right?" President Trump said.

The president said he was close to improving health care, but blamed McCain for the bill not passing.

"We have some incredible things happening with health care. We have very badly hurt. We had all the votes and one gentleman early in the morning, like 2:00 a.m., he went no. Well, he campaigned on repeal and replace. We had the votes. Perhaps he was grandstanding," President Trump said.

He continued: "Who knows. He said, no, no. Everybody said what the hell happened? He's been campaigning for eight year's repeal and replace. He didn't do it. Now we have got individual of the individual mandate in the tax cut."

Watch below.