Trump-loving former Alabama lawmaker indicted over Medicare fraud kickback scheme
Alleged fraudster Ed Henry/Screenshot

A Trump-loving Alabama state representative has been charged with Medicare fraud in what prosecutors allege was an elaborate over-billing scheme, WHNT reports.

Ed Henry of Hartselle, who retired from the statehouse after the last session, has been a loud supporter of both Donald Trump and accused child molester Roy Moore.

He ran a company called MyPractice24 which provided chronic care management services which arranged appointments and prescription refills without meeting with patients in person.

Henry and a doctor in Montgomery allegedly had a scheme in which the doctor referred patients to Henry and Henry paid him kickbacks.

The firebrand conservative once told a crowd that he had "murdered" his child by accompanying his pregnant girlfriend to an abortion clinic.

"I made a decision that I will always regret," he said. "I murdered my child, my first child," he said.

He also referred to Bill Clinton as a "likely rapist" and openly mocked people who complained about Moore's alleged child molestation.

When he decided not to run for re-election he said that it was "hard" to be a legislator because he was surrounded by a culture of corruption and that it was hard to reject "the magnitude of the pressure to accept that corruption."

If convicted he could go to prison for 10 years.

Watch a cringe-worthy interview about corruption below.