Trump melted down during ‘terrible’ call with French president: ‘He can’t handle being criticized’
Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron (Twitter / Screengrab)

Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron reportedly had a "terrible" conversation last week in the wake of the American president's decision to impose steel tariffs that will affect Europe.

Two sources that spoke to CNN said President Macron incorrectly believed he would be able to "candidly" criticize Trump due to the relative closeness of their working relationship.

"Just bad. It was terrible," one of the sources told CNN. "Macron thought he would be able to speak his mind, based on the relationship. But Trump can't handle being criticized like that."

In a statement ahead of the Thursday call, CNN noted, the French president called Trump's decision to impose the tariffs "illegal" and a "mistake."

"I prefer to say things directly and not through the press," Macron told assembled reporters at the Elysee Palace. "And I will tell him what I told you, which are my convictions that he knows already."