Trump rants about 2016 victory in phone call with supporters -- and insists 'the deplorables are the hot ones right now'
President Donald Trump, mirror composite image

On Monday, President Donald Trump took a trip down memory lane to the 2016 campaign on a phone call with supporters, reports Jill Colvin of the Associated Press.

"Well the deplorables are the - we’re the hot ones right now," he reportedly said.

"They're all trying to figure out how do we get the deplorables on our side, right? So we're all deplorable together," he assured his followers.

During the 2016 election Hillary Clinton famously misspoke when she called segments of Trump's base a "basket full of deplorables." The miss-step was exploited by the Trump campaign to drum up antipathy towards Clinton and paint her as disconnected from so-called "real America."

In fact, Clinton had been referring to parts of Donald Trump's base that openly exhibit racist attitudes.