Trump says Virginia senator who claimed to have secret intel from Mueller is 'in a near drunken state'
President Donald Trump (AFP/File / Nicholas KAMM)

President Donald Trump was scheduled to speak in South Carolina at 7 p.m. but due to weather Air Force One has been circling the airport for 30 minutes. While doing so, it seems Trump has taken to Twitter to bash Democrats once again.

"Why is Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), perhaps in a near drunken state, claiming he has information that only he and Bob Mueller, the leader of the 13 Angry Democrats on a Witch Hunt, knows? Isn’t this highly illegal. Is it being investigated?" Trump said of the senator.

At a fundraiser, Warner reportedly joked about revealing info on the Russia probe.

“If you get me one more glass of wine, I’ll tell you stuff only Bob Mueller and I know. If you think you’ve seen wild stuff so far, buckle up. It’s going to be a wild couple of months," Warner said.