Trump supporters freak out on WikiLeaks for publishing database of ICE employees: 'This sh*t ain’t cool'
President Donald Trump and Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange (composite image)

Wikileaks has published a list of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees, many also including their LinkedIn profiles.

The Russia-linked "independent journalism" operation which has often sowed discord in the United States had become a favorite of the right after intervening in the 2016 election by leaking stolen emails from Democratic presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and others in her orbit.

But now that Wikileaks is doxxing law enforcement agents under fire for enacting a very controversial Trump administration policy, Trump's fans are not happy.

"You're endangering innocent peoples lives but you won't let us know if Seth Rich who is already dead was killed by dems for leaking info to you?" writes one conspiracy-minded Trumpista.

Others called for Twitter to remove the list of government employees—which at least one person pointed out was public information and not a state secret, like so many other things Wikileaks publishes.

Read some of the tweets below.