Trump's family biographer explains why Ivanka will always be useless: 'It's time we stop expecting her to do the right thing'
Joy Reid interviews Emily Jane Fox about Ivanka Trump/Screenshot

Donald Trump's daughter has not been quite the moderating influence on the president that some believed she would be.


MSNBC host Joy Reid took on that question tonight, inviting Emily Jane Fox, author of the new family biography Born Trump on to discuss Ivanka's off role.

The Vanity Fair reporter was asked why Ivanka was "basically not doing anything" about the migrant children being held away from their parents despite ostensibly being a White House adviser dedicated to issues involving women and families.

"You don't hear her saying anything publicly, you don't see her doing anything," Fox said. "I know from my reporting that she [has said something privately]... As one former friend said, this is something that's going to stick to her," she said.

Why is she in the White House if she can't stand up to stop her father's worst impulses?

"There's a reason why you don't appoint your family members, because there is that level of conflict of interest and an inability to actually serve as a traditional adviser," Fox said. "That's exactly why having a First Daughter in a senior role in the West Wing is unusual and why it's been illegal for half a century."

Don't count on Ivanka to change, either.

"She is silent, time and time again," Fox said. "It's time we stop expecting her to do the right thing, because she never has."

Watch below.