Trump's State Dept spokeswoman tries to troll the media -- and it hilariously backfires
State Department spokesman Heather Nauert (Screengrab)

The President of the United States is at an important summit in Singapore, supposedly negotiating nuclear disarmament (or trying to) with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Trump himself blasted U.S. allies for what he claimed was a lack of support and for not focusing on his talks, but Trump's own State Dept. spokesperson apparently didn't get the memo.

In a ridiculous tweet Heather Nauert tried to troll Trump's least-favorite news outlet, possibly in an attempt to curry favor with her boss's boss.

Apparently from Singapore, Nauert tweeted what appears to be a photo of Trump with children, and wrote: "Hey @cnn where was @Potus today? Meeting with his national security team and greeting our dedicated embassy colleagues from US Embassy Singapore! Without them, #SingaporeSummit wouldn’t be possible."

One TIME correspondent reminded Nauert the event was closed to the press:

Nauert, by the way, was roundly mocked just last week for using D-Day as an example of America's long and strong relationship with Germany. D-Day celebrates America's win against Germany.

Others weighed in:

Others wondered why the photo of Trump's national security team and dedicated embassy colleagues is of children.