VICTORY: Two Nevada teens win a racial harassment lawsuit against their high school
Jayla Tolliver and Taylissa Marriott [ Photo: screenshot from video]

Two African American high school girls just won a settlement after suing their rural Nevada high school for claims of racial bullying.

Jayla Tolliver and Taylissa Marriott, were freshmen at Yerington high school, and experienced consistent racial harassment in school and on social media. They filed the suit in January, and said the racial discrimination lasted over a period of six months.

“I would never in a million years believe we would have to go through what we did,” Marriott told the Associated Press.

“I hope that our story inspires others,” Tolliver said.

Attorney Terri Keyser-Cooper said the school was aware of the situation and hopes next time they will take bullying more seriously. “[I hope] in the future [school administration] will be more sensitive, compassionate and responsive should racist behavior again occur.”

The Lyon County School District released a statement that said: “The district looks forward to working positively with students, families, and staff to ensure a safe and respectful learning environment for everyone."

The Lyon County School District agreed to pay at least $160,000 to cover the students’ attorney fees according to court records.