VIDEO: Chicago cops terrify crying 10-year-old boy after mistaking him for gun suspect

At a news conference with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel announcing a  clampdown on party buses, Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson defended the actions of police officers who handcuffed a 10-year-old child, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Johnson claimed that officers "followed all of the rules and protocols” in detaining Michael Thomas Jr., after receiving reports that a boy in the area was carrying a gun.

Video obtained by NBC5 shows the visibly frightened boy perched on the police cruiser, his hands shackled behind his back.

As officers held him for ten minutes, his relatives massed around and tried to convince officers that the boy was not armed (it's clear in the video that the boy is not armed). "That's our kid!" a woman is heard saying in the video.

Later, he told a reporters that he's a "good kid" who's into math and baseball.

"He's going to be scared for the rest of his life now," his mom said.