The View’s Meghan McCain explodes in righteous indignation after co-hosts celebrate 'Year of the Woman'
The View's Meghan McCain (Screenshot/ABC)

Meghan McCain on Wednesday scoffed at her fellow “The View” co-hosts over “identity politics” after Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin celebrated a Republican woman defeating the GOP incumbent in South Carolina.

The hosts were discussing Donald Trump critic Mark Sanford’s defeat Tuesday in South Carolina’s first congressional district. Trump, who came out in support of Sanford’s opponent Katie Arrington hours before the polls closed, took credit for the results Wednesday.

Hostin described the “upside” of Sanford’s defeat in terms of the “the year of the woman.”

“On Tuesday, three women won Democratic primaries,” Hostin began as McCain tried to interject.

“One second,” Hostin said to McCain.

“But when you’re talking about identity politics, the woman who just beat Mark Sanford is a woman,” McCain complained. “She’s a Trumper. So again, if it’s just about gender.”

“She’s a woman, so it’s the year of the woman,” Hostin explained.

“So she won ‘cause it’s just about gender?” McCain continued.

“I’m happy about that,” Hostin said as McCain rolled her eyes.

“I am woman—hear me roar!” Behar sang.

“Did you hear what I just said?” McCain shouted. “This is ridiculous. The woman who beat Mark Sanford that’s a major Trumper is a woman. Is it just about electing all women even if they’re hyper Trump supporters.”

“I think the thing is representation,” Sara Haines explained.