Washington man arrested for kidnapping Latino kids and forcing them to work to see how it feels to 'be a slave'
File photo of an inmate in handcuffs at the Orange County jail in Santa Ana, California May 24, 2011. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

A Washington man has been accused of kidnapping three Latino children and forcing them to work in his yard so they could feel what is was like to be a slave, according to The Modesto Bee.

While getting ready for school, one of the children was standing outside of his house in Centralia, Washington. The neighbor, Wellington Waggener, 29, shouted at him to "come here." When the young boy did not respond, Waggener snatched him by his coat and dragged him to his house.

Once at Waggener's house, he hit the child in the face and told him to clean the yard. The boy's siblings, a 13-year-old girl, and 15-year-old boy went looking for him, and found him doing yard work in Waggener's lawn.

But instead of getting their little brother back and going home, Waggener, held all three siblings against their will. He forced them to pick up garbage and pile firewood. He made them recite the pledge of allegiance while they were cleaning.

According to the eldest, Waggener said “they knew what it was like to be slaves.”

The family was trapped in Waggener's house for over an hour. He briefly walked away, and the kids were able to escape and called the police.

According to police Waggener was taken into custody and is currently being held without bail at Lewis County jail.

Waggener has a history of violent crimes. According to The Daily Chronicle he was "arrested in September 2016 on suspicion of kicking out a police car’s window after being detained as part of an assault investigation. Before that, he was arrested in July 2015 on suspicion of burglary with sexual motivation after being accused of entering a woman’s hotel room in Centralia."