WATCH: Arizona protestors chase after Melania's motorcade after she is greeted at detention center with Trump klansman statue
Melania Trump was greeted by an angry crowd in Phoenix/Screenshot

Melania Trump continued her tour of child detention centers—which she kicked off last week by wearing a jacket declaring "I really don't care" during her flight to a detention center in Texas—with a stop in Phoenix.

Protestors were ready, greeting the First Lady in a mass of people with signs and a massive inflatable float of the president wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe and holing a white hood, Phoenix New Times reports.

The protesters say they do not want children used as props by the First Lady.

"We're not going to allow her to continue to humiliate our migrant communities," protestor Maria Castro told New Times. "She's making a mockery of the pain that our people are going through."

When Melania Trump's motorcade left the facility it sped away above the speed limit as protestors gave chase, chanting and screaming.

Watch below.