WATCH: Comedian George Lopez unloads on Americans who hate Latinos while relying on their labor
Comedian George Lopez weighs in on America's deportation crisis in an interview with TMZ. Image via screengrab.

Comedian George Lopez had harsh words for "hypocritical" Americans that want to deport Latinos while hiring them to do menial labor.

In an interview with TMZ ostensibly about the World Cup, Lopez first knocked the United States for its failure to qualify for the worldwide soccer championship.

"The U.S. is trying to keep Mexico out," he said. "Meanwhile, the United States can't even qualify for the World Cup."

"They're too busy pointing f*cking fingers to be looking to see where the ball's going," Lopez continued.

Things took an even more political turn when he weighed in on President Donald Trump's increased internment and deportation of undocumented Latino immigrants.

"The same people that are pointing the fingers are the same people that have Latinos come to their house every day and fix their meals, and change their kids, and clean their house and cut their grass," the comedian added. "It's hypocritical."

"You know what? I have the power to tell all of your nannies that while you're at work," Lopez concluded, "to take YOUR kids and see how you like it."

Watch below, via TMZ:

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