WATCH: Dem lawmaker plays audio of crying immigrant kids -- as Republican tries to shut him down
Rep. Ted Lieu (Screen cap).

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) on Friday took to the floor of the House of Representatives and tried to force his colleagues to listen to audio of wailing immigrant children who had been separated from their parents.

As Lieu took the floor, he brought up a large photo of immigrant children who had been taken from their parents and placed into a detention facility -- and he proceeded to tear apart President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

"If the Statue of Liberty could cry, she would be crying today," he said. "As I stand here there are 2,300 kids that have been ripped away from their parents by our government."

Lieu then asked his colleagues to imagine how they would feel if they had their children taken from them without even telling them where they were being held -- and then he started to play leaked audio of a child immigrant detention facility obtained by Pro Publica earlier this week.

Rep. Karen Handel (R-GA) then tried to shut Lieu down by information that the rules prohibit "the use of an electronic device to make sounds in the chamber."

Lieu, however, kept playing the recording, despite her objections, until its completion.

Watch the video below.