WATCH: Fox & Friends host twists himself into knots trying to justify the caging of immigrant children
Fox News host Steve Doocy (Photo: screen capture)

"Fox & Friends" co-host Steve Doocy on Monday went out of his way to spin the Trump administration's migrant family separation policy -- and he even went so far as to deny that children were being kept in cages.

While showing photos of immigrant children being held in cages at a detention facility, Doocy said there was no reason to actually describe the holding facilities as "cages."

"Some have referred to them as cages, but keep in mind, this is a great big warehouse facility where they build walls out of chain link fences," Doocy said.

Doocy also said that it was unfair to refer to the detention facilities as "concentration camps" because the children were being given thermal blankets to keep them warn while they were separated from their parents.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade then suggested that these harsh measures were justified because there has recently been "a surge" of immigrants trying to get into the country.

"They're coming back in droves!" he exclaimed.

Watch the video below.