WATCH: Fox News guest stuns host by saying Trump deserves blame for 'normalizing racism'
Democratic strategist Howard Franklin debates Fox News' Brian Kilmeade (Screen cap).

Democratic strategist Howard Franklin on Monday dropped a bomb on President Donald Trump's favorite morning news program by telling a surprised host Brian Kilmeade that the president deserves blame for "normalizing racism."

In a debate about Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's criticism of Trump's race-baiting rhetoric, Franklin minced no words about what he thinks the president has done to make bigotry more acceptable.

"I do think if you look at the record that Donald Trump has offered us, both as a candidate, I mean, he's talked about every racial group, every religious group, he's been sexist," he said. "So I do believe this president owns some responsibility for normalizing racism even if he’s not necessarily the originator."

Kilmeade was taken aback by Franklin's blunt assessment and could only muster saying, "I'm sorry you feel that way," in response.

Watch the video below.