WATCH: Fox's Shep Smith and ex-prosecutor brutally rip apart Trump's 'Spygate' lies
Fox News host Shepard Smith (Screenshot)

On Thursday afternoon, Fox News host Shepard Smith expressed shock at the Trump administration's blatant efforts to undermine the Robert Mueller probe.

The investigation is spearheaded by all Republicans—yet the President continues to insist that they're biased against him.

"Robert Mueller is a Republican, so is his boss, the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, Republican. [The] President insists that Mueller's team is politically biased," Smith noted.

"Today he tweeted, 'When and where will all of the many conflicts of interest be listed by the 13 Angry Democrats (plus) working on the Witch Hunt Hoax. There has never been a group of people on a case so biased or conflicted."

"That's flat untrue," Smith said

"This is part of an open and transparent campaign by the president and those around him to discredit the institutions of the nation, to make people disbelieve the media and distrust the law enforcement officers and officers of the court that are investigating him in an attempt to make the people at least some of them not believe the institutions of our nation when later they find out whatever they find out," the prosecutor said.

"There were no spies in Trump's campaign of this Fox News can confirm, we have no evidence of any spies. It's talk," Smith concluded.

A former prosecutor and current defense attorney explained how the Trump administration's actions undermine trust in America's institutions.

"To me, as a leader of a prosecutorial agency, I was thinking what would it be like if the legislature in my state came to me and said, Bob, we want you to open your files on the political corruption cases that you're handling, give the data, compromise the investigation but believe that Rod Rosenstein says let's do it."