Watch what happens when idiot decides to light fireworks in his trunk
Idiot with fireworks. (Photo: Screen capture)

It's that time of year again: when people decide to do dumb things with fireworks.

While many of the people in the United States gleefully watch the beauty of the colorful "'bombs' bursting in the air" while celebrating the birth of our nation, others look for new and different ways to blow things up.

Such was the case when this man lit fireworks in his VW and closed the trunk lid. It didn't go well.

One commentator remarked that it likely wasn't your everyday fireworks, but another disagreed.

"You need a lot less explosives than you think to do real damage to a small confined space like a trunk," one person responded. "Still this wasn't any regular factory made firecracker like those you would light and throw for celebrations, but I guarantee it's smaller than most people would think."

As always, be cautious when exploding your fireworks on Independence Day.

Watch below:

Light a firecracker in car's trunk, WCGW? from r/Whatcouldgowrong