WATCH: Kentucky valedictorian tricks his Trump-loving classmates into cheering for Obama
President Barack Obama laughs during a meeting in the Oval Office, Jan. 24, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

A high school valedictorian in Louisville, Kentucky last week pulled the bait-and-switch on his classmates during his graduation speech, letting the audience celebrate a quote from “Donald J. Trump,” before admitting to the crowd those words actually belonged to Barack Obama.

"This is the part of my speech where I share some inspirational quotes I found on Google," Bell County high school student Bill Bowling said in his speech. "'Don't just get involved. Fight for your seat at the table. Better yet, fight for a seat at the head of the table.’—Donald J. Trump."

As the crowd began to cheer, Bowling added: "Just kidding. That was Barack Obama.”

"The crowd erupted in applause and before they could even finish clapping I said I was kidding and the applause quickly died," Bowling explained

Asked about his speech, Bowling told USA Today he chose to use the quote because he “just thought it was a really good quote.”

“Most people wouldn’t like it if I used it, so thought I’d use Donald Trump’s name,” Bowling said. “It is southeastern Kentucky after all.”