WATCH: Kentucky's government-subsidized Creationist 'Ark Encounter' theme park appears almost empty
YouTuber Ken Heron (right) speaks to a friend at the Ark Encounter theme park in Kentucky. Image via screengrab.

Despite costing $100 million and taking tax credits from a nearby town, the Noah's Ark-themed "Ark Encounter" attraction in Kentucky appeared empty during peak tourist season in a visitor's video.

Hemant Mehta at The Friendly Atheist reported Monday that a video posted by drone-owning YouTuber Ken Heron shows the nearly-deserted Christian theme park. It was recorded on Sunday, June 3, a time that Mehta noted should be "a day of peak attendance."

Ken Ham, the Ark Encounter's creationist founder who once blamed the town housing the theme park for its low attendance numbers, posted about the attraction's "thousands" of daily visitors on June 6 — but Mehta noted that Heron's video appears to prove otherwise.

At one point, Heron is heard yelling "Ark! Ark! Ark!" as he ran up to the park's entrance gates — but there appeared to be nobody around them both in the foreground or in the distance.

You can watch video of Heron's lonely tour at the Ark Encounter below.