WATCH: Protester breaks down on CNN talking about immigrants: 'I would want someone to fight for my family'
A pro-immigration protester talks with CNN (Screen cap).

An emotional public school teacher broke down crying on CNN Thursday while discussing President Donald Trump's policy of separating immigrant children from their families.

While being interviewed by CNN, Milwaukee Teachers Association vice president Amy Mizialko explained why she was protesting the president as he was making a trip to her home city.

"What's happening to children and families at the border of this country is indefensible," she said. "It's torture and the people of this country aren't going to stand by and allow it to happen. When there's not justice there's not going to be peace!"

When asked by a CNN reporter to "describe the passion" that was motivating the protests, Mizialko explained why she wanted to show solidarity with the separated families.

"I would want people to fight for my family," she said while holding back tears. "It's that simple. I'm going to be out here fighting until all families are safe."

Watch the video below.