WATCH: Symone Sanders tears down conservative parroting Trump's FBI 'deep state' conspiracy theory

On Tuesday afternoon's episode of CNN's the Lead with Jake Tapper, Symone Sanders, Bernie Sander's former press secretary, blasted the idea that Donald Trump was the victim of a "deep state" conspiracy by the FBI.

Sanders recalled that the 2016 news cycle was bursting with stories about Hillary Clinton's email servers—yet almost nobody knew that Trump was under investigation the whole time.

"We knew about the Hillary Clinton investigation and about the laptop and we know then director Comey trotted out there knowing that Hillary was nefarious and irresponsible ... but we didn't know about Donald Trump," Sanders pointed out.

"So if there was such a deep state bias in the FBI hell bent on taking down Donald Trump, why don't we know about the investigation?" she said.

Sanders then pointed out that there are groups of Americans unfairly targeted by the FBI, chief among them black activists up to and including the Black Lives Matter movement.

"So the FBI clearly has some very nefarious feelings about many people in this country but does that mean there is a deep state conspiracy to take down Donald Trump? No."