WATCH: Teenage ‘mob fight’ outside South Carolina church leads to the death of a 17-year old boy
Teens fighting [Photo: screenshot from video]

On Thursday Richland County police department held a press conference to reveal more information into the May 10th shooting that left one teen dead and 22 arrested. South Carolina police released video footage that shows a mob of teens meeting at Missionary Baptist Church for a gun fight according to The State.

"Everybody who was involved in this needs to be held accountable," Sheriff Leon Lott said.

"I wanted us to send a message to these people in our community who are living and dying by the guns that we're not going to allow this in Richland County," Lott said.

Amon Rice, 17, died due to gunshot wounds. His mother released a statement saying he was just trying to defend his friends during the fight.

"He was quiet, a soft talker," his mom Antrinette Means said. "But once he got to know you, he wanted to grab you, wanted to play. He would bump into you like, 'Oh, I'm sorry.'"

Now, sixteen people are facing charges in connection to the mob fight, and five people are facing murder charges.

"We're very fortunate that we didn't have more people shot and killed," Lott said.

After the fight was over, two groups meet in the Unity Missionary Baptist Church parking lot where shots were fired.

Watch below.