Watch: Tomi Lahren bemoans fact that her family has a tougher fence for cows than America has for migrant children
Tomi Lahren appears on Fox News Channel/Screenshot

Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren took a tour of the border in Arizona this week.

The firebrand Conservative came back with a renewed belief that the United States need Donald Trump's promised "big, beautiful wall."

On a Fox News show Saturday night, Lahren bemoaned the fact that her family has a better fence to corral its cattle than the United States has for migrant children escaping brutal violence in their homeland by seeking asylum in the United States.

The host told her that the video made it look like the fence was just "a stick of wood with tiny little barbed wire."

"I'm from South Dakota, and I come from a ranching family and we have fencing to keep cattle and horses in that's better than the fencing that we have on the border," she said. "This was literally barbed wire and twigs—that's is what we have protecting our border protecting our border in some areas, especially Arizona."

Watch below.