WATCH: White woman cites Trump to justify calling a Latino man a 'rapist and animal'
Esteban Guzman (left) speaking to a white woman (right) who called Latinos "rapists and animals." Image via screengrab.

In a filmed altercation, a white woman told California man Esteban Guzman that Latinos are "rapists and animals." After he posted the video to his Facebook, however, the website took it down for violating its community standards.

"Why do you hate us?" Guzman asked the woman, whose name has not yet been published.

"Because you're Mexicans," she responded.

"We're honest people right here," he retorted, only to have the woman laugh in his face.

"You're rapists," she said, "and animals."

"Drug dealers, rapists and animals," she repeated.

The woman then said something about "the president of the United States."

"Do you believe everything he tells you?" Guzman asked her.

The video was republished by the groups Reforma Migratora and Progreso Legal Group on Facebook, and by Keindra Woods, the 17-year-old founder of the Hope4Humanity Project. On his own Facebook, Guzman said the video had been removed for violating Facebook's policies.

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The screenshot of the notification Guzman received reveals it was taken down for violating community standards barring "offers of sexual services, solicitation of sexual material, threats or depictions of sexual violence, threats to share intimate images or any sexual contact involving minors."

Raw Story has reached out to Guzman and Facebook for comment.