West Virginia man almost drowns wife and kids because God told him to 'baptize' them
Leslie Kelly [ Screengrab: Facebook]

Leslie Kelly, 36, almost drowned and nearly killed his wife and children because he claimed God told him to "baptize" them.

His wife called the police and she were able to escape with her two small children, ages 3 and 6. By the time police arrived at the scene they were drenched in water.

"I held them under water because I want them to go to heaven," Kelly told police.

Deputy Barry Mynes Jr. asked Kelly why wouldn't he stop since his family was screaming.

"Were they not crying and screaming, trying to get away from you?" Mynes asked.

"Yeah, they were, but I was just holding them under water, trying to baptize them, because I want them to go to heaven," Kelly said.

Logan County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that: "[Kelly] is charged with three counts of domestic battery, two counts of child abuse creating risk and three counts of attempted murder."

He is also out on bail for $100,000.