Ana Navarro rails against her own 'despicably lame excuse for a Republican Party' because 'they can't stand up' to Trump
Tara Setmayer, Brooke Baldwin and Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategists and commentators Ana Navarro and Tara Setmayer both agreed that they don't fault people like Max Boot and Steve Schmidt for abandoning the Republican Party. However, Navarro said that there is nothing the GOP would love more than to see people like her jump ship.

Citing Boot's op-ed, Navarro explained that Republicans have a responsibility to provide a check and balance on the executive branch of government, unless "Robert Mueller pulls off a hail Mary." But under this Congress, she doesn't see it happening any time soon.

"It cannot be this Congress, because they have shown complete and abject failures of checking and being a balance to the obstruction, to the abuse, to the verbal divisiveness," Navarro said. "They have been completely negligent. So, when you're voting against the Republican Party, you're voting for this despicably lame excuse for a party because they can't stand up for principles, because they can't stand up to a guy who wasn't republican a few years ago."

Navarro cited her own Republican Representative, she said has stood up to President Donald Trump "time and time again," and that those voices should be the ones to represent the GOP.

Setmayer said that as the Bernie Sanders-wing begins to take hold, she doesn't exactly see her own values align with the Democratic Party. But Republicans bailing might be what the GOP needs to find its soul again.

"But part of me looks at what's happened to the Republican Party and looks at the Trump takeover, which I believe is a perversion of what the Republican Party used to stand for," she began. "And and I say, 'Perhaps the only thing that can right the ship is if Democrats take over and Republicans pay a price for this behavior.' Because they have become hypocrites and this is not good for the political health of this country when you have two parties that are dysfunctional."

Navarro explained, however, that there is nothing "Trump apologists" would love more than to see women of color bail on the GOP.

"Then they would not have to be confronted with the fact that they had to roll out Republican principles," she said. "They would love to be able to say, 'Leave our party!' Tara is an African-American, and I'm a hispanic, what this country needs is two parties that are fighting hard to earn our support and obtain our vote."

She noted that there is only one party right now that "openly antagonizes and attacks" people of color.

"There's this thing that still motivates some of us to wanting to get back to a place, if not healthy, at least two sane parties that are courting for the support of all Americans," she continued. "But particularly people who are, like Tara and I, either a black or a hispanic woman. I think it's a very personal choice."

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